19 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Really Into You

Haha! Gonna make a mental note to display these telltale signs to the girl I am really into 🙂

Thought Catalog

1. He goes out of his way to talk to you, and always responds in a timely manner to your messages, calls, or texts.

2. He doesn’t do that weird disappearing act where he’s just suddenly unavailable and disinterested in seeing you, and doesn’t explain himself at all until the next time he decides he wants to see you.

3. He actually proposes things for the two of you to do, instead of just waiting for “hangouts” to happen that are basically just code for sex.

4. His whole demeanor improves noticeably when you’re around — if he’s usually a little on the bro-y side with his friends, he tones down his stupid humor and actually tries to make a good impression with you.

5. You get the impression right off the bat that he wants to make you a part of his group. You never feel like you’re pushing…

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